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Dr. Heidi Golding is the Founder and Practitioner at Living Well Chinese Medicine in Loveland, Colorado.  She’s an acupuncturist, an herbalist, and one of the most interesting health professionals I’ve become acquainted with. 

Heidi likes to describe her practice as a fusion of traditional wisdom and modern technology.  She is a student of both Japanese and Chinese herbs and acupuncture, with a strong background in tech.  

We did something new for this episode, in that Heidi and I both had a sturdy microdose of dark chocolate psilocybin just before starting this conversation.  We got a little giggly, Heidi barely drank her wine, we somehow lost about 30 minutes of conversation that didn’t get recorded, and we had more edits than normal in this episode.  It remains a deeply personal and enlightening conversation, with great conversation around trauma and recovery, having a bendable mind, and growing up and living as a Jewish family in a mostly-Christian oriented world.  

Heidi and I always have wonderful conversations, and this session was no different - so I hope you enjoy sharing time with us during this conversation with Dr. Heidi Golding. 

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