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Inspiring listeners every week, through uncovering business truths and principles and drawing out the sometimes crazy stories that come with being an entrepreneur.

Recent Episodes

EXPERIENCE 107 | Drew Yancey - On Peer Advisory, Leading Performance (because it can’t be managed), and Building a Next Level Enterprises.

March 20, 2023

Drew Yancey is the President and COO of Incite Performance Group in Fort Collins, and the LoCo Facilitator for a pair of Next Level chapters. He’s also the author of a new book, his third, with co-author Larry Linne - “ Lead…

EXPERIENCE 106 | Aaron Everitt - InMotion, Real Estate Update, & Stop the Alphabet Soup

March 13, 2023

Aaron Everitt, broker with The Group, joins us to give his quarterly update on the Northern Colorado real estate market, sharing market and interest rate updates, and examples of opportunity in any market. Aaron is also one …

EXPERIENCE 105 | A Brothers Fountain II - Fall Tour, Muscle Shoals, Business of Music, and Love of Community!

March 6, 2023

My guests on today’s episode were AJ and JJ Fountain, bandmates with locally-famous campfire folk music band A Brothers Fountain , and co-founders and partners of Stoked Ember Productions . This was the brothers’ 2nd time o…

EXPERIENCE 104 | The Trainor Brothers Circus! - Brian, Adam, & Joe Trainor Share Stories of Brotherhood and Entrepreneurship

Feb. 27, 2023

This week we somehow fit three of the Northern-Colorado famous Trainor Brothers into the podcast studio, with Brian, Adam, and Joe Trainor all sharing their stories and philosophies with me and with our listeners. The three…

EXPERIENCE 103 | Becky Allsup, Designing a Team & Building an Integrated Enterprise

Feb. 20, 2023

Becky Allsup is the owner of Becky’s Custom Interiors, which in turn holds Niche Design House and Rebecca Windsor & Associates. Niche is primarily an upscale commercial and residential design center, and Rebecca Windsor pro…

EXPERIENCE 102 | Working In Your Strengths with Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor & Author, Matt Shoup

Feb. 13, 2023

Matt Shoup is a serial entrepreneur, author, inventor, real estate broker and investor. He’s the President of M & E Painting and Roofing , Inventor of The Pirate Patch , and a realtor with C3 Real Estate . Matt’s first boo…

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Hi, I'm Curt and I love a good story. During my career in banking and as Founder of LoCo Think Tank, I have been blessed to hear thousands of inspiring and insightful business stories. I've observed that story is a powerful medium for learning. Much of the impact of our LoCo chapters is also from members sharing and learning in this way. We created The LoCo Experience to share this bounty of wisdom and experience for anyone to partake. I hope you listen and love it.