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The LoCo Experience


Our mission is to uncover as much business education as possible while getting to know the founders and leaders of amazing organizations. You'll feel like you really know our guests after each episode, and if we're doing our job well, you'll learn business principles and tips from them along the journey and be both inspired and entertained.

Episodes feature a range of local and regional business and community leaders as guests in a conversational interview format. The more interesting the journey, the better the experience!

The LoCo Experience is produced and sponsored by LoCo Think Tank - and sometimes others!

About the Host

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Curt Bear


Hi, I'm Curt and I love a good story. During my career in banking and as Founder of LoCo Think Tank, I have been blessed to hear thousands of inspiring and insightful business stories. I've observed that story is a powerful medium for learning. Much of the impact of our LoCo chapters is also from members sharing and learning in this way. We created The LoCo Experience to share this bounty of wisdom and experience for anyone to partake. I hope you listen and love it.