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EXPERIENCE 98 | Annie & Mike Griffith on Travel, Law, Rotary Club, and Twenty-year 3rd Marriages!

Annie and Mike Griffith are fellow members of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Breakfast - or, more commonly known - Breakfast Rotary.  We meet at 6:45 am at Ginger & Baker in Fort Collins, every Thursday morning - come and check it out sometime!

Annie grew up in the travel industry, with her grandfather delivering sightseeing tours and her dad developing a healthy freight and people-moving bus service along the Front Range, later moving into airline travel and hotel bookings.  After college at CSU, Annie operated Aggie Travel in Fort Collins - much of the time as a single mom.  She has a wonderful and adventurous spirit!  She later sold Aggie Travel to Frosch, where she still works today as an Independent Contractor.  

Mike had a long career in the practice of law, having moved to Fort Collins to partner with a college classmate almost right after law school - the firm developed into a long-running and successful practice.  Mike’s specialty was courtroom litigation, particularly on the defense side in criminal law.  He also served as Adjunct Faculty for both CSU and Front Range Community College in the College of Business.  

Mike and Annie are each on their third marriages, and both suffered significant trauma on the way to finding durable love.  Beyond the business journeys, we dig into their journey of finding trust and love in this episode, as well as their shared love of Rotary.  It’s a charming episode with two of my favorite people, and I hope you find them as fun and charming as I do.  

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