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EXPERIENCE 97 | Dan Anderson, Business as Ministry & Faithfully Navigating Life's Challenges

Dan Anderson is the President and CEO of Kingdom Way Ministries , and a Strategic & Leadership Coach with Five Capitals.  Kingdom Way's mission is to help marketplace leaders thrive in business, life, and ministry.  They do this through peer advisory groups, coaching, and community events that, in his words, connect Sunday’s inspiration to Monday’s perspiration.His business offers a membership model quite similar to LoCo Think Tank, but with a decidedly faith-oriented curricula.

Dan shares his personal challenges in his journey to turn a hibernating ministry into a stable personal income. Along the way, he struggled through a low period during the pandemic when he contemplated suicide. He shares with listeners the process of recovering his faith and hope from there, and how God blessed his perseverance.

I hope you’ll tune in and be both challenged and inspired by my conversation with Dan Anderson.

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