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EXPERIENCE 96 | Kent Obermann, Creating Bright Smiles Through Dentistry and Music

Kent Obermann is the Founder of Tooth Zone Network , a pediatric dentistry enterprise that grew to include locations in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Longmont and as many as 60 employees.  Kent founded the practice in 1982, fresh out of dental school and intro practice, with a high-rate loan “from Vinny the Loan Shark” after banks turned him down.  Kent sold the business in 2017 after 35 years of creating - and maintaining - children’s smiles across the Northern Front Range - and their mission continues today!  

Tooth Zone was founded to confront an assumption of the day, that one can have a high-touch, relationship-driven dental practice or one can have a highly profitable dental practice, but you couldn’t have both!  An entrepreneur from an early age, Kent details some of his early blunders in business, how a consultant helped him turn his fortunes around, and what they did with training and team engagement to ensure the dual mandate of providing amazing service in a high-volume practice. In his later years, Kent became a highly sought-after consultant and speaker, and has been a keynote for the largest dental conventions in the nation!  

Kent is also a founding member and band leader for The Blues Dogs , a NoCo-favorite 10-member brass party band!, and a founding member of Mr. Smyth , which is a lockdown-driven collaboration band of the best NoCo musicians who couldn’t stand to stay locked in their basements for long!  All kinds of good stuff in this one, a wonderful conversation with an inspiring entrepreneur and a kindred spirit - whom I’d only barely just met before this conversation!  

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