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EXPERIENCE 115 | Valeria Ortiz - Vortiz Insurance - Serving the Underserved & Building Community

Valeria Ortiz, founder of Vortiz Insurance , offers education and insurance packages for the Medicare market, with its headquarters in Greeley, Colorado. I met Valeria at a local event and struck up a conversation which eventually led to Valeria joining LoCo Think Tank and sharing her story.

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Valeria worked in marketing for a similar agency before moving to Colorado. After facing challenges as a single mother with limited English skills, she found stability working at a call center. Valeria started Vortiz Insurance as a side income, which quickly grew into a successful one-person business. The addition of her first employee allowed her to scale the operation even further.

Valeria's focus on community, education, and heart-driven service, particularly for Spanish-speaking communities, has built her an exceptional network and reputation. I anticipate great things for Valeria Ortiz and her business in the future.

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