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EXPERIENCE 114 | Phil Pelto, Firestorm - The Power of Network Effect & How to Build Authentic Connec

Phil Pelto is the  Co-Founder of Firestorm B2B Networking and Certus B2C Networking - The Power of Network Effect & How to Build Authentic Connections, both with an increasing number of chapters and members across the Colorado Front Range.  Phil Co-Founded Firestorm while he was working as a suit salesman in Minnesota nearly 15 years ago, scaled rapidly and expanded to Florida, and then hired a professional manager to operate the business while he moved to Germany to pursue a girl he met at Oktoberfest.  The manager crashed the business while Phil was winning the girl - which Phil considers a net win - and years later restarted the concept after moving to Colorado.  

Phil were only barely acquainted before this podcast session, and we kinda dork out on the whole B2B membership organization experience.  We’ve got a lot of overlap in the way we do things and why, yet we serve different audiences for different reasons - LoCo Think Tank members are primarily business owners and there to work ON the business, and Firestorm members include some owners but more often professional sales people, and they are there for strategic partnerships, education, and referrals.  

Phil has had a very interesting journey and he’s got a lot of big plans for the future, so I hope you’ll tune in and enjoy - as I did - my conversation with Phil Pelto.  

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