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EXPERIENCE 113 | Sean Godbey - Founder and Owner of Old Town Spice Shop - Adapting Your Business Mod

Sean Godbey founded Old Town Spice Shop in Fort Collins, Colorado with his brother and parents in 2010, with an original plan to expand to five retail locations within just a few years.  They found some retail success, but the overhead and staffing complexities of retail soon shifted the plan into a more wholesale-focused operation, supplying bulk and custom spices for restaurants, food manufacturers, breweries, and more!  As the lockdown response to Covid destroyed demand for retail and wholesale purchase, online sales blew up - people were cooking at home - and Old Town Spice Shop was there to make sure the flavors were top shelf!  

Sean has a great entrepreneurial journey, a local boy who worked his way through college and worked for over 6 years in ministry with Vineyard Church before founding Old Town Spice.  He has a matter-of-fact way about him, and shares freely of the trials, pivots, and spicy moments of Old Town Spice Shop.  

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