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EXPERIENCE 112 | Seth Coonrod - Timberline Audio Video - The Highs and Lows of an Entrepreneurial Jo

Seth Coonrod is the Founder and Owner/Operator of Timberline Audio Video in Loveland, Colorado, and also a LoCo Think Tank member.  He worked as a key employee of a similar company in North Carolina in his earlier years, and founded the company immediately after moving to Colorado.  

In this episode, we get into the nerdy stuff of luxury home audio video systems, talking tech trends and smart homes and more, and also get a bit nerdy on business - creating quality estimates, sourcing sometimes many hundreds of individual components, and then making it all work - with margin!  And , we get deep into relationships and philosophy and the way of the world - it’s a very candid conversation with a guest I know you’ll enjoy getting to know!

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