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EXPERIENCE 111 | Shelley Polansky - President/CEO of the Better Business Bureau Serving Northern Col

Shelley Polansky has been on the team at BBB of NoCo and Wyoming since 2008, serving in Dispute Resolution, Education, Communications, and Outreach before ascending to the leadership role in 2019.  LoCo Think Tank has been a BBB member since 2021, and they’ve hosted many chapter meetings and trainings in their amazing conference rooms!`

My conversation with Shelley spends a lot of time on exploring the what of ethical business practice, alongside an examination of her own foundations and motivations during her career.  The BBB is celebrating its 25th Annual Torch Awards for business ethics on April 27, 2023 - which also celebrates the 40th anniversary of the organization.  Shelley shares BBB history alongside her own journey into leadership - and becoming a mom - and what comes next.  

Shelley’s a great example of a servant hearted leader, in it for the right reasons - and I was honored to spend the time together, so I hope you enjoy - as I did - my conversation with Shelley Polansky.  

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