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EXPERIENCE 110 | Nathan Wilbanks & Alex Swanson - On Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, Writing, an

Nathan Wilbanks and Alex Swanson are the Founders of BizOp Media, a content and strategy-driven marketing agency headquartered in Fort Collins. In 2021, Nathan departed Bizop to develop new ideas, and eventually founded Jaq n Jill, a subscription-based AI-powered writing tool, focused on the collaborative power of an AI tool and a thoughtful content creator.  

We get deep in this one - deep into the utility and limitations and dangers of Chat GPT and Open AI and various iterations, and deep into the relationship between Nathan and Alex - who have been together since Alex was in Junior High, and had a baby together shortly after she graduated while Nathan operated a high-end custom motorcycle shop!  This episode brings great discussion about human intelligence, artificial intelligence, and relational intelligence, plus business and family with a pair of authentic and inspiring entrepreneurs.  

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