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EXPERIENCE 109 | Franklin Taggart - Musician, Podcaster, and Coach for Creatives

My guest this week was Franklin Taggart - a fellow consultant with the Larimer County Small Business Development Center and founder of Franklin Taggart Coaching.  Franklin was the first podcaster to feature me on his show!  My story of going from banker to food trucker to LoCo Think Tank guy was a great fit for his Reset Podcast, and I’ve been blessed by dashes of his wisdom throughout our time together with Larimer SBDC.  

Franklin was a career musician “back East” for many years, until health challenges made that journey difficult and then impossible.  After (and during) a season of challenge, his skills as a coach and encourager sprouted and blossomed, and today Franklin serves a very special niche - creative solopreneurs looking to build sustainable enterprises that fit their talents and lifestyles!  

This is a very inspiring and philosophical episode, with someone I’d call a pragmatic dreamer, and he’s got a smooth, velvety voice - so please enjoy my conversation with Franklin Taggart. 

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