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EXPERIENCE 108 | John Kefalas - Larimer County Commissioner, Behind the Scenes of a Life of Service

John Kefalas is currently a Larimer County Commissioner, elected to his second term in 2022, and previously served many years as a Colorado State Representative and later, State Senator.  He previously worked in education, advocacy and outreach, with special emphasis on career development, housing, and serving the underserved and marginalized.

John has a reputation for being one of the most progressive political figures in Northern Colorado, and we spend a lot of time in this episode pulling back the curtain on “how things really work” behind the scenes in government, and respectfully challenging one another’s ideas of “how they should work”.  The get-to-know in this episode goes beyond most you’ll find, and includes a dramatic segment where John shares his challenges faced as a man short in stature. 

So, please enjoy, and thanks for tuning in for my conversation with Larimer County Commissioner, John Kefalas.

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