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EXPERIENCE 107 | Drew Yancey - On Peer Advisory, Leading Performance (because it can’t be managed),

Drew Yancey is the President and COO of Incite Performance Group in Fort Collins, and the LoCo Facilitator for a pair of Next Level chapters. He’s also the author of a new book, his third, with co-author Larry Linne - “Leading Performance, Because It Can’t Be Managed. ” In this episode, we unfold principles from this book with a theme of helping leaders guide their teams toward the work style and environment in which they can thrive.

Drew has been on our podcast once before. This time, he went into more detail about his early business journey with his father, Greg Yancey and Yancey’s Food Services. He also describes the various engagements with, and appreciation for, peer advisory organizations he’s had over the years. He shares his critiques on each, as well as why he chose to join the team of facilitators at LoCo Think Tank.

Drew is an amazing servant to the Northern Colorado business community, and we’re so glad to have him supporting so many next level business leaders.

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