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EXPERIENCE 105 | A Brothers Fountain II - Fall Tour, Muscle Shoals, Business of Music, and Love of C

My guests on today’s episode were AJ and JJ Fountain, bandmates with locally-famous campfire folk music band A Brothers Fountain , and co-founders and partners of Stoked Ember Productions .  This was the brothers’ 2nd time on the podcast, because I think they’re a lot of fun to be around, and they always share great stories!  

The brothers and most of the band went on a 20-day, 18-show tour this fall, all across the midwest and southeast and points between.  If they were as old as I am - it woulda killed ‘em!  Followed shortly after that was a weeklong intensive recording session in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, where they laid down their finest sounds so far - stay tuned for more on that!  

In this episode, JJ shares an awesome story about going viral on the Jerry of the Day Instagram channel via a kayak on a ski slope!  Always fun to spend time with these two, so I hope you’ll tune in for my conversation with AJ and JJ Fountain.  

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Music By: A Brother's Fountain