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EXPERIENCE 104 | The Trainor Brothers Circus! - Brian, Adam, & Joe Trainor Share Stories of Brotherh

This week we somehow fit three of the Northern-Colorado famous Trainor Brothers into the podcast studio, with Brian, Adam, and Joe Trainor all sharing their stories and philosophies with me and with our listeners.  The three brothers are a total of four years apart and grew up in La Junta, Colorado with their single father, an enterprising teacher that kept the family fed with side jobs and construction projects.  

Brian went to CSU on an athletic scholarship, and Adam followed him two years later.  Both were standout track athletes in the throwing arts - Javelin, Discus, Shot Put & Hammer.  Brian got into real estate - as a broker and investor, and recruited Adam to help with fix-n-flip projects.  Soon, 970 Services was growing into a Roofing and Restoration business and the brothers helped to seed two more businesses - H3 Construction , and Beyond Blue Media - and they coaxed younger brother Joe out of his teaching career to become the President of another acquisition - Epoxy Colorado .  

The Trainor Brothers Circus is what they (literally) call their holding company, and this episode is full of stories about overcoming adversity, starting something new, and navigating business and brotherhood - together and with joy. 

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