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EXPERIENCE 103 | Becky Allsup, Designing a Team & Building an Integrated Enterprise

Becky Allsup is one of those sneaky-successful entrepreneurs we sometimes find almost hidden in the local community.  She’s the owner of Becky’s Custom Interiors, which in turn holds Niche Design House and Rebecca Windsor & Associates.  Niche is primarily an upscale commercial and residential design center, and Rebecca Windsor provides national-scope design, procurement, and installation services - especially for rapidly growing retail franchise operations.  Becky is also a partner in a fast-growing drapery manufacturing business in Texas!  

My introduction to Becky came many years ago, when she was one of the first on-site clients for my mobile food business - Bear’s Backyard Grill!  My mother-in-law referred me to her good friend Becky, and we catered a bunco night for a fairly large flock of ladies! - it was a lotta fun.  We reconnected recently on referral from one of my members, and I confess I had no idea as to the scale and scope of her many business interests.  

This business journey was a joy to uncover.  Young interior designer sees opportunities everywhere, and attracts a team of smart, loyal, and dedicated people to bring those opportunities to fruition - and they stick around.  Becky’s special sauce is her strong sense of team and family, and intuitive sense for opportunity, integration, and smart business.  I’m certain you’ll enjoy meeting my new friend, inspiring woman in business, and one of our newest LoCo Next Level members - Becky Allsup.  

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