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EXPERIENCE 102 | Working In Your Strengths with Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor & Author, Matt Shoup

Matt Shoup is a serial entrepreneur, author, inventor, real estate broker and investor.  He’s the President of M & E Painting and Roofing , Inventor of The Pirate Patch , and a realtor with C3 Real Estate .  Matt’s first book was “Become an Award-Winning Company ” and his new book - just out - is “Painted Baby ”.  He’s also a Professor and Partner at Northern Colorado Jiu Jitsu , and there’s more but no time to mention it all!  

I have to say, it’s pretty cool hosting a guest with a fresh book out, just like the big-time podcasters do!  More cool than that though, was being inspired by all of the energy and conviction that Matt brings to a conversation.  Matt’s a high motor guy, guided by his faith and varied experiences, and supported by his awesome wife Emily - the E of M & E.  

There’s a lot of ideas Matt shares in this one to make your business life easier, and Matt somehow makes it seem easy to become a blackbelt while coaching kids sports, travelling the world, writing another book and running two companies and selling real estate on the side!  I had only just met Matt previously, and so you’ll be learning all about his story alongside me in this one - and it sure was fun, so please tune in for my conversation with Matt Shoup.  

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