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EXPERIENCE 101 | Nick Armstrong, WTF is up with Nick, Founded in FoCo, Comic Con, and FTW Hot Sauce

Nick Armstrong is among Fort Collins’ most interesting people!  He’s the Geek-in-Chief of WTF Marketing , the Pepper Pioneer of FTW Hot Sauce , and the Lead Organizer of both Founded in FoCo and Fort Collins Comic Con !  He’s also a freelance community organizer in various ancillary capacities, and a recently BARELY unsuccessful candidate for Fort Collins City Council.  

Nick has a great business journey - basically unemployable from the start.  After earning his BS in Business Administration, with both Marketing and Computer Science focus, Nick got into the corporate world - where he rambled from job to job for a bit before getting into his own things…and there’s a lot of them!  From organizing Ignite Fort Collins, to starting a NoCo Comic Con so he didn’t have to go to Denver - Nick has 28 Experience lines on his LinkedIn Profile!  

In this episode, we zoom especially in on the Founded in FoCo event and highlight some of the amazing speakers, workshops, and events that’ll be going on. LoCo Think Tank is hosting a Celebrating our Community event to kickoff the festivities on March 1, 2023. Nick also shares about his city council run and more about his newest venture - FTW Hot Sauce, FOR THE WIN.  Tune in and enjoy my conversation with Nick Armstrong!  

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