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June 25, 2021

SHORTS 18 | Normal Is Boring with Jane Brewer

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Dr. Jane Brewer is now in her 6th year of owning Precision Chiropractic who focuses on NeuroStructural Correction. Jane believes that this area of the neck is one of the most important things to take care of as it supports your head and the spine that holds everything together. She is a big advocate for taking care of yourself, “depositing health into your bank” as she puts it.

Jane prides herself as being a life-long learner, giving credit to one of her professors that said, “Once you are ripe, you start to rot”. “If you stop learning, you stop growing” is probably the best advice that Jane can give to other small business owners or anyone for that matter. One of the biggest challenges she and other business owners face is “getting out from between your own ears”. “You need a support system that knows what you’re going through, someone that has walked in those shoes”. Finding and leaning on mentors and collaborating with other business owners is key to getting past yourself and understanding yourself.

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