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April 21, 2021

SHORTS 16 | Eric Coet, Getting Real with Business Strategy

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Do you know how to grow your business past yourself?Eric Coet, Owner of 44 N and Strategic Practice Leader at Peak Solutions, shares his business strategy knowledge in this LoCo Shorts episode.

Sometimes YOU are the greatest block to your success, that’s why identifying ways to grow beyond yourself is critical, even ifyou are a solopreneur (psst–Eric is!). Eric details his professional journey and lessons learned from working at Hensel Phelps, to working in a distillery, to starting his own consulting firm.

He’ll make you think about your business trajectory differently, like the idea that you’re either in a crisis or preparing for one. Or when you try anything extraordinary, you likely get your butt kicked and you’ve got to be ok with that.

Listen in to this episode to catch questions like:

“Are you a good leader or are you leading good people?”

“How are you leading the next generation?”

“If your competitor would take you down in 3 moves, what would they be?”

“Is this in alignment with my values?”

Learn more aboutEric here.

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