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April 14, 2021

SHORTS 15 | Ben West, Creating Your Dream Company & Great Culture

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In this LoCo Shorts episode Ben West, Owner & Operator atRadial Development Group, shares his journey to creating a company he always wanted to work for. One with flexible work schedules, ample training, and great culture.  Ben shares his motivation to create Radial from his own experience with burnout (and how to prevent it). He also highlights ways to create a great culture that can support the company when you’re not there.

Listen to this episode with Ben to get good tips to consider, like: get your priorities in order, make clear on commitments priorities that matter(not those that are easy), and make a “priority budget.”

At Radial Development Group, they help people who don’t know a lot about technology understand and use it to their advantage. Learn more about Radial Development Group here.

Episode Sponsor: InMotion, providing next-day delivery for local businesses. Contact InMotion at inmotionnoco@gmail.com

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