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March 1, 2021

SHORTS 12 | Candyce Edelen, Owner of Propel Growth: Growing revenue through marketing and sales

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Did you set ants on fire with a magnifying glass when you were little? In this Shorts episode with Candyce Edelen, President/CEO at Propel Growth, she shares many elements of business growth through sales and marketing, including the time she realized that finding a niche and walking away from potential clients & industries was the only way to grow her business. She says you should think of your offerings as a magnifying glass focusing on one area small enough that the magnifying glass can start a fire.

Candyce knew early on she wanted to have her own business. Her journey involved owning multiple businesses, working in corporations, having mentors, a business exit, and founding–all to lead her to her current enterprise, PropelGrowth14 years ago. With her innate ability to identify the gaps and improve processes, Candyce translated her success in growing businesses to help others understand what it takes to increase revenue through marketing and sales.

Listen in to be inspired, to get focused on your business journey, and get some tips on how to stay focused on goals, sales and pricing!

You'll learn more about her very handy LinkedIn outreach tool, LinkedIn Sales Masterclass, where she did tons of research, testing, and developed a process to keep her pipeline full. Then she turned what she learned into a course. This is a good reminder when you see an opportunity, to go get it and make it your own!


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