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Jan. 14, 2021

EXPERIENCE 7 | Karen Fournier, Owner and Founder of Starstream Productions and Impact Storyteller

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Karen Fournier is the Founder and Owner of Starstream Productions in Loveland, Colorado.  Her entrepreneurial journey began with a volunteer documentary short about a local non-profit, and she has served the non-profit and educational communities for over 13 years, winning several national awards.  She has interviewed over 600 individuals to help draw out stories of impact and learning, from which she develops everything from non-profit benevolence videos to educational training courses.  

In 2020, Karen began pursuing a new passion project, driven by a very personal journey with her three teen daughters through suicide attempts and depression.  She has been writing a supportive book for parents and has an active Indigogo campaign for that effort, and will soon be launching a podcast series featuring interviews with experts to help parents navigate an environment where their children are struggling with mental health.  Karen has a big heart and an even bigger vision for how the world can be different for teens and parents, with lives of resiliency built on connection and understanding.  

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