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April 6, 2022

EXPERIENCE 57 | Dr. Bobby & Jaime Cawthron, Former Owners of Aspen Grove Veterinary Care & The Cabins at Aspen Grove

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My guests were Dr. Bobby and Jamie Cawthron, former owners of Aspen Grove Veterinary Care and The Cabins at Aspen Grove.

Jamie is a LoCo facilitator and a former member of LoCo Think Tank, she's also the founder of Path Forward business consulting. Dr. Bobby remains as chief of staff for Aspen Grove veterinary. They sold their business last year and we talked about the purchase of that business back in 2006 and the growth of the business through the 15 years intervening the challenges of COVID.

We also discussed the vetting process of deciding who should be the person that employs your employees and accepts your values and the things that you've come to create as far as a business. 

Dr. Bobby is part of the yang gang, which is kinda cool. And we just really had a lot of fun sharing stories about finding those critical moments in business. Making the best out of what seems at one point to be a tough situation. So I hope you'll tune in these guys were a lot of fun.

We laughed more than probably almost any of our podcasts so far, but we also shared a lot of really smart business guidance. So tune in and enjoy.

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