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March 28, 2022

EXPERIENCE 56 | Heidi Ganahl, Founder of Camp Bow Wow & Candidate for Governor of Colorado

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My guest on today's episode was Heidi Ganahl. Heidi is a Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado, a Regent at the University of Colorado and she's the founder of Camp Bow Wow, as well as other ventures. She's a mom of four and married to the top barbecue guy in the state. 

We dig into Heidi's story with this one.  Before founding Camp Bow Wow, Heidi suffered the tragic loss of her husband in a stunt plane crash, and was a single mom with two dogs after a failed 2nd marriage.  The idea for Camp Bow Wow was sourced from a stack of back-of-napkin business ideas sketched out with her first husband.  Heidi shares their launch story, why they decided to franchise and what was involved, and some of the principles and values that she instilled in that organization to help it become one of the fastest-growing franchises in America for many years!   

And, there's so much more - as always we get into faith, family, and politics, and she shares a bit about her why in regards to running for Governor - watch out Colorado, Heidi Ganahl is a mom on a mission!

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