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Feb. 16, 2022

EXPERIENCE 50 | Sean Nook, Founder and Owner-Operator of Black Bottle Brewery

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My guest for this episode was Sean Nook. Sean is the Founder and Owner-Operator at Black Bottle Brewery, which recently celebrated its 9th anniversary!  Black Bottle was the very last business start-up loan that I funded before leaving a 15-year career in banking!

Sean has grown a passion for homebrewing into one of the city’s favorite brewpubs.  We talked about the challenges of managing the brewery through the pandemic, reflected on the exciting earliest days of the business, and we discussed changes to the industry and the challenges of hiring and managing in today’s labor economy - as well as his love for cool sneakers.  We chased a lot of squirrels, and drank too much bourbon, and had a whole lotta fun.  As Sean would say, “Buckle Up, Buttercup” and enjoy!

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