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Feb. 8, 2022

EXPERIENCE 49 | Stephen Morris, Former World Cup Yacht Designer & EOS Implementer

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My guest today was Stephen Morris. He is an EOS implementer and business coach, and a covid-transplant to Colorado. EOS is short for the entrepreneur's operating system, as first outlined in the book Traction by Gino Wickham. Stephen's journey includes a season as a designer and crewman in world-leading yachting teams and a design firm, and eventually ascended to be a second-generation leader from the founders of that company. After that chapter, Steve became passionate about building teams and viewing business as a means of human flourishing.  We talk a lot about the principles and philosophies of life and business, as well as general principles of traction and how to find accountability and fitment and a shared vision with your team. There's a lot about yachting too, because this was a brand new area of understanding for me.  Good stuff in this one, and an interesting and unusual journey of a New Zealander to America, via the art and science and enterprise of yacht-building.

Stephen is also the presenter to our upcoming webinar, Six Strengths to Maximize Your Business Execution, on February 22nd, 9-10 AM MT. 

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