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Jan. 28, 2022

EXPERIENCE 48 | Emily Kincaid, Co-Founder & Managing Member at Elevate Energy Services

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My guest today was Emily Kinkaid, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Elevate Energy Services.  She's a killer, managing a team of over 150 employees at the ripe young age of 33, and she's showing the old dogs some new tricks when it comes to innovation and customer service in the completion business.  She's a frackwater expert, and a natural leader, and I think you're going to love her.  Our conversation revealed the importance of industry expertise in launching an enterprise, and you'll learn a lot about building culture and teams in an oily-blue-collar industry.  

Episode Sponsor: InMotion, providing next-day delivery for local businesses. Contact InMotion at inmotionnoco@gmail.com

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