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Jan. 6, 2022

EXPERIENCE 45 | Josh Guernsey & Greg Roeder, Co-Founders of Waypoint Real Estate

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This episode features Greg Roeder and Josh Guernsey, Founders and Managing Partners at Waypoint Real Estate in Fort Collins.  Josh and Greg founded the firm five short years ago, and have grown to become a leading full-service firm in the region, with a staff of 35 providing commercial and residential brokerage, property management, and investment services.  They attribute their success to attracting great people, who attract great people, who attract great people!  We spend a lot of time talking about how marketing real estate has changed, the varying needs of clients, and some of the big changes ahead for our region and the greater industry.

This was a fun conversation with a pair of smart, focused, and community-minded business leaders.  Tune in to learn more about this fast-growing real estate firm and the principles and values that help them find true north with their team, their clients, and the community!

Episode Sponsor: InMotion, providing next-day delivery for local businesses. Contact InMotion at inmotionnoco@gmail.com

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