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Dec. 30, 2021

Experience 44 | Season 1 Wrap-up and Get-to-Know with Alma Ferrer

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On today’s episode of The LoCo Experience, I sat down with Alma Ferrer, our Everything Associate at LoCo Think Tank - master of most things digital, and my super-helper on the show.  Alma and I discuss some of the highlight moments from Season 1 of the podcast, and we share some of the changes coming up for Season 2 - as Little River Band would say, it’s time for a cool change.  The latter part of the show is my favorite - when we get to know Alma a little better.

This is a change of pace episode, but I think you’ll love it! - Alma is a thoughtful, funny, and courageous young lady who I’m proud to have on the team. She shares wisdom beyond her years on big topics like change and acceptance, as well as an inspiring loco experience!

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