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Aug. 3, 2021

EXPERIENCE 37 | Healthcare pioneer Jason Rogers, Founder of Starlight Health

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Jason Rogers is the founder of a Direct Primary Care practice called Starlight Health, based in Fort Collins, Colorado.  DPC represents a change in the business model of medicine, with a membership model providing access to a physician who can take the time to learn about patients and better care for their health.

Jason's journey into medicine began in college, as a negative and challenging turn in his own health eventually created a desire to help others find positive health outcomes.  His engineering mind and his love for people-powered his journey in health care, but he found roles ranging from emergency medicine, pediatrics, surgery, and general practice shared one commonality - no time for patients and too much red tape!  

This episode unfolds and dissects many of the challenges in the health care industry, along with the challenges of starting a new business venture - during the Covid lockdowns and in a city where he knew almost no one - you're gonna learn many things health care and entrepreneurship in this one!  

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