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June 14, 2021

EXPERIENCE 32 | Navigating Change & Transition with Award-Winning Author and Consultant Cheryl Benedict

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In this episode Curt sits down with Cheryl Benedict - owner of MORF Consulting and the author of The Wisdom of Transition, released in January 2020 just as the nation was (unknowingly) preparing for the abrupt transition of Covid lockdowns.  For this work, Cheryl received the Sound Advice Book Award as the Best New Author of 2020.  

Throughout her career, Cheryl has helped hundreds and now thousands of people navigate transition.  We talk about the process that she followed to write her book, highlight some of the wisdom within, and unfold a life journey full of twists and turns and learning opportunities. 

If you are going through a transition in life or in business, or preparing for one that you know is upcoming, this is a must listen episode. And if you’d like to know a little bit about an author before you buy their book, you are going to love Cheryl!

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