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June 9, 2021

EXPERIENCE 31 | Jim Rohrer - Win-Win-Win Leadership (Before it was Trendy)

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Jim Rohrer began his career as a young man in the Sears organization, and quickly rose through the ranks as an innovative thinker, new programs leader, and turnaround specialist for underperforming divisions.  Among his accomplishments were helping to turn around the auto services business for the company, and both building out and disposing of 10 regional call centers that supported the catalog.  

In the time since he ended his career at Sears, Jim has worked primarily in small companies, again often as a turnaround or improvement specialist, or in some cases as an operating manager during seasons of change.  The main thing that stands out in this conversation is that Jim’s success has been built upon never being the smartest one in the room, and knowing that the secrets to business improvement are often known by those that serve the customers at the ground level.  Jim is a win-win win kind of leader, and we are hoping to build a chapter around him in the west Denver region in late 2021.

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