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May 21, 2021

EXPERIENCE 28 | Getting Real with RealWare Founder & CEO Ali Davachi

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What I’m thinking after interviewingAli Davachi, is that this man needs to be aLoCo Facilitatorfor a future Longmont / Boulder County chapter of LoCo Think Tank.  Stat.

It’s the coveted win-win-win-win - 1) Ali would win because he’s working to down-size his role in his company RealWare, is a recent Colorado transplant from “back East” and would love more community connection, and has already come to be an advocate for LoCo Think Tank  2) The Longmont business community wins because they’d gain access to his special talents in a highly-leveraged and durable fashion 3) LoCo HQ wins because we’ll have attracted yet another overqualified and undercompensated business veteran to Team LoCo, and 4) The world wins because I believe by learning the role of our true clients (the LoCo Facilitators who power our chapters) that Ali would help LoCo Think Tank grow smarter and stronger faster than we otherwise would.  (there’s probably more wins if I try, but you’re bored already).

Now I’ve just got to ask him proper, have him say yes, and we have to decide together whether to work on launching a Thinkers chapter (5 - 25 employees typically) or a Next Level Chapter (25 - 250 employees usually).  He meets all of the criteria to be a LoCo Facilitator, and has worked with everything from startups to turnarounds to Fortune 50 companies.

OK, enough with the “should be kept inside your head” conversation - here’s a bit about Ali:  He’s a patriotic American, of Persian descent, who started what came to be a market-leading computer company at 19 and exited at 24.  Then he built a dial-up ISP company - and exited again.  Then he started RealWare, LLC in 1999 as a kind of Smart SaaS consultancy - but he kept getting more and more clients who kept asking more and more of RealWare so he kept growing his international team.  Ali loves people and challenges and good conversation, and especially his children and beautiful wife Liz who grabbed him and made him hers before these crazy business journeys all started.

Episode Sponsor: InMotion, providing next-day delivery for local businesses. Contact InMotion at inmotionnoco@gmail.com

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