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May 11, 2021

EXPERIENCE 27 | God's Business - Planting and Growing a Church with Pastors Aaron Santini & Daniel Smith

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In today's episode, I'm joined by Pastors Aaron Santiniand Daniel Smith of The Crossing Church in Fort Collins.  The Crossing was planted as a life group of Crossway Chapel in Greeley in the fall of 2009, and officially launched in March of 2010.  This episode details the very entrepreneurial journey of church planting, and shares the life stories of a couple of regular guys who've responded to God's distinct call on their lives.

Aaron was a multi-sport athlete throughout his high school years, and in his words majored in "eligibility" during college in New Mexico.  After being drafted into the Minnesota Twins organization, Aaron found himself with a lack of purpose and direction when injuries cut short his professional career.  It was all he'd been pursuing, since he was a child!  Daniel's journey takes him to CSU from his native Texas as a Marketing major, during which years he was also a partner in one of the earliest social media marketing agencies - promoting House of Blues concerts all across the US via My Space, Facebook, and eventually Twitter.  Club hockey and chasing girls were Daniel's big pursuits, and you're going to flip when you hear his LoCo Experience at the end!  (psst - it involves an off-campus riot near CSU!)

There's so much good stuff in this episode, ranging from the business of church planting to the process of sanctification, with a pair of open and humble servants of God.

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