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May 6, 2021

EXPERIENCE 26 | Finding Your Path & Building Your Tribe with Jeff Willy & Noah Kline - Loveland Laser Tag, Laserforce International & Time Emporium Escape Rooms

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Jeff and Noah are "business neighbors" to LoCo Think Tank, and operate the Time Emporium Escape Rooms in Fort Collins and Loveland.  

Jeff acquired Loveland Laser Tag in 2011 after a pair of false starts to his entrepreneurial journey, departing a stable career with Hewlett Packard which had moved him to Northern Colorado from his native Texas.  His experience with software and systems soon led to a role with their laser equipment supplier, Laserforce International, based out of Australia.  Jeff now serves as COO at Laserforce, helping to design features and implement systems in other laser tag centers across the US.  

Noah Kline started his first job was at Loveland Laser Tag at the age of 16, and within the first year his eagerness to learn all aspects of the business convinced Jeff and his wife to invite Noah to join them for an out-of-state conference - for which he had to ask his parents permission for the time away from high school classes!  In the time since, Noah has developed continually in the role of Jeff's right hand man, and in 2019 he successfully lobbied Jeff to pursue an escape room concept as an addition to their entertainment offerings.  Given the opportunity to become an partner in the escape rooms enterprise, Noah jumped in with both feet, and the partners took the opportunity to acquire a second location in early 2020.  

This episode covers a lot of ground, and helps to demonstrate the often-winding journey of becoming an entrepreneur.  Our conversation draws out the value of having long-term and fully-engaged teammates, and finding new ways to add value for clients, suppliers, employees, and the entertainment industry at large.  

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