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April 13, 2021

EXPERIENCE 21 | Examining a Life of Purpose with Zach Mercurio

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Zach Mercurio is the author of The Invisible Leader, Founder of ZM Consulting, and Affiliate Professor for Colorado State University at the Center for Meaning and Purpose.  

Zach is an expert on purpose, on purpose.  He's studied it, trained it, studied it more and shared what he's learned abundantly.  He's a Ph.D., further informed by a lot of elbow grease, research, and intentional thought.  

This episode is different than most of the podcasts that feature Zach, on purpose.  :)  He shares his tradecraft a good bit, you'll get tips and inspirations on how to find more purpose in your own work and how to spark it in the people you lead.  More than that though, this episode is about Zach and his journey and philosophies and his why.  We range from how he met his wife in a shoe-tying pub trick to an intense bit of conversation around whether one can reasonably claim both mantles (as does your host) of being both a Christian and a Libertarian.  

It's another good 'un, and I think most anyone who listens will come away with a nugget or two that they can apply and share, because that's what The LoCo Experience is all about.  

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