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March 30, 2021

EXPERIENCE 19 | Katie Straubel, Founder and Queen Bee of Clean Bees, LoCo Success Story and new LoCo Facilitator!

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Katie Straubel is the Founder, Owner, and Queen Bee at Clean Bees, a residential and commercial cleaning service business she founded as a side-business while in college.  Katie left her native Orlando and a career in fine dining to follow her partner Mike back to his native Colorado, attended CSU toward a History degree and found no fine dining jobs to be found.  After subbing for her friend's cleaning business to cover for a personal medical leave, Katie went on to found Clean Bees only months later.  Clean Bees was her part-time side business all through college, with 5 - 7 part-time employees and only limited intentions about it becoming a durable enterprise.  

As time progressed though, so too did Katie's intentions for the business - she'd grown the business some but had leveled off before joining LoCo Think Tank in 2015.   In the time since then, she's largely created the business that she imagined - a profitable business with a durable team that handles the bulk of business operations, and she was able to spend the fall and winter of 2020 traveling the west and homeschooling their son.  

Katie has become a self-described Business Improvement Specialist, and recently joined the ranks of the LoCo Facilitators as a Builders chapter facilitator!  Clean Bees will celebrate 20 years in May of 2021, and we celebrate Katie for being an awesome member, podcast guest, and member of our team at LoCo Think Tank!  

Episode Sponsor: InMotion, providing next-day delivery for local businesses. Contact InMotion at inmotionnoco@gmail.com

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