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March 24, 2021

EXPERIENCE 18 | Fort Collins Mayoral Candidates Jeni James Arndt & Gerry Horak

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The City of Fort Collins Mayoral race features three candidates on the ballot, and April 6, 2021 is Election Day.  LoCo Experience Episode 16 featured current City of Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell, and his endorsed candidate, Molly Skold.  This episode features the other two candidates in the race, Jeni James Arndt and Gerry Horak.  

Both of these candidates have a rich history of public service, and colorful and impactful journeys that inform their perspectives.  Jeni currently serves as the State Representative for Colorado House District 53, and serves on many important boards and committees at the state and local level.  Gerry has a long legacy of local public and board leadership service plus a successful business journey along the way, and has been on the Fort Collins City Council for 21 of the past 40 years, including a previous two-year term as Mayor!  

This race features three very capable and like-able candidates - and with three candidates it's a tough race to predict!  It's a win-win-win for the City of Fort Collins that we have such capable candidates willing to serve, so listen and learn and VOTE on April 6th!  

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