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March 22, 2021

Experience 17 | Exploring Digital Marketing and the Journey of Life with Tyler Brooks of Analytive

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Tyler Brooks founded Analytive in 2015 as a digital marketing agency focused on driving meaningful revenue growth for clients through strategic and measurable campaigns and SEO optimization.  This episode takes listeners through an interesting life journey with Tyler as he departs his native Indiana and finds his career footing in video production and digital marketing before founding his own agency.  With a diverse team of creatives all around the nation and the world, Tyler and his team consider themselves to be "digital sherpas" - they help people who are looking for your product or service find a path to your website and take action!

Tyler's life and business journeys are filled with servant-heartedness and a quest for new learning and adventure.  This episode is chock full of (free) marketing tips, tricks, tidbits, and shoulda-known-that's that might help you understand how to better connect with your customers and would-be customers.  It's also filled with a lot of discussion on history and philosophy, and growing as a person, man, and husband - but there is no mention of the upcoming webinar that Tyler is hosting free at the end of March - because it wasn't planned yet!  Register here!  

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