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Feb. 23, 2021

EXPERIENCE 14 | Happy Birthday LoCo! A look back at the LoCo Journey with Founder, Curt Bear

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In this special Experience episode, guest host and LoCo teammate, Rory Schaar interviews Curt Bear, LoCo Think Tank Founder. This month marks the 7th year of LoCo being in business! Curt looks back on his business journey, from working in banking to starting a food trailer, a season in financial services, and the development of LoCo Think Tank - a peer advisory group model built to help business owners learn from each other.  During his banking years, he'd noticed that his most successful clients had something like this, so he founded LoCo so that he and other small businesses could have the same experience.  

One of the key moments that shaped the trajectory of LoCo was when Curt's peer group asked deep & probing questions that led him to make a sobering yet relieving decision to put down his food trailer and identify a path to go full time LoCo.  

Curt's journey has been well-supported by his family, including most epic wife, Jill Bear. Curt's father also holds a special place in this business story, as he demonstrated to Curt what was possible by starting what has become a large and successful farm from scratch as he and his siblings were growing up in North Dakota.  

Listen in for this story of a business idea that changed shape over time, but always remained true to its' vision of a more-connected small business community.  

Cheers to 7 years and here's to many, many more! Happy Birthday, LoCo!

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