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Dec. 1, 2020

EXPERIENCE 1: Erik & Kim Whitin - Tri-State Concrete - Starting Over After a Wildfire!

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Erik & Kim Whitin are the founders and owners of Tri-State Concrete in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Kim is a member of LoCo Think Tank!  The Whitins moved to and restarted their business in Colorado after the Great Recession, and found themselves living off Stove Prairie Road in the mountains west of Fort Collins when the 2012 fires broke.  Their property was one of the first to be destroyed, and they had only a few hours from witnessing the first wisp of smoke to gather what they could and leave with what they could carry in their Jeep!

The Whitins have an amazing story of resilience and perseverance, and besides the fire story both of these individuals have incredible life and family stories that will help listeners to understand that the journey to success often is full of Stop Signs, U-Turns, and Detours, but community, hard work, and love can pull us through to find good times again.

Learn more about Kim and Eric's business, Tri-State Concrete here. 

And a special thanks to A Brother's Fountain for the use of their music!

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Music By: A Brother's Fountain