The LoCo Experience

ANNOUNCEMENT | We're now including video!!

September 14, 2022 Alma Ferrer
The LoCo Experience
ANNOUNCEMENT | We're now including video!!
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We have revamped our recording studio to record videos!

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Hey everybody Loco experience podcast, host Kurt bear here with you along with executive producer, Alma Verre and we're in our new podcast studio. I've got some exciting news that we are going to add video to the Loco experience starting tomorrow morning for our first recording. And so you'll have, uh, a YouTube channel. Almost gonna be setting that up right here, post taste, and, uh, we'll have, uh, snippets and behind the scenes for our social channels. And we have a great lineup of guests coming. Um, Seth silvers is gonna be here tomorrow. He's uh, the, the pod father of Fort Collins and, uh, we've got tennis rotor. We've got Mark Weaver. Gotta look at my notes. Richard Gerland is coming on on the 27th. Uh, Margo Kaner. And Kimberly O'Neil. So we've got some super powerful ladies and gentlemen coming on and, uh, all me, are you excited? Yeah. I mean, just be on the lookout for those new videos popping up on socials and yeah, that YouTube channel of probably just the local experience or the look experience podcast. Okay. Check it out. One of those. All right. Thanks. All.